What is SixMix?

SixMix is our unique tenant community model which maximises human experiences through economy. The culture created around its six strands creates new social ideals and responsibilities, learning access and better relationships. What better way to enhance your private, work and social life?

A unique alternative urban rental model.

Meet SixMix

SixMix comprises activity and awareness around six essential checkpoints, carefully devised and evaluated by Otherwise Living.


Nurture an attitude to food provisions.


Lifelong learning, even without school.


Your small footprint zone at fair rents.


Access to short-term personal loans.


Staying as well and positive as possible.


The facility to earn from home at fair rents.

SixMix in action

SixMix makes urban living more engaging and less isolating. The sense of community iinvites the local neighbourhood too.


Explore and discover new attitudes to nourishment from seed to plate. On site produce may include: fruit, nuts, herbs and vegetables, as well as raising chickens for egg production and beekeeping for pollination and honey. Hands-on practice is achieved by training, apprenticeships and experience. The potential also exists for supplying produce locally, such as vegetables, salads and soft fruit.

• Team work
• Creates realisation of what can be grown
• Satisfaction of consuming own produce
• Further potential


Make a conscious effort at life long learning, a style of education via formal and informal learning. This is enabled through various resident projects, together with community space and cafe for community residents and non-residents. Additionally, The learning club accommodates families who choose to learn together away from school.

• Interaction with others
• Rounded learning for all
• For children, school supplement, or option
• New friends


A variety of self-contained spaces on offer at Fair Rent levels. All other strands of SixMix revolve around this combination of privacy whilst fostering a sense of community. These may be ready-built or self-build spaces in Compact, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options. Whilst the ethos promotes an ecological as well as economical lifestyle, furnishing is at the discretion of tenants to suit their tastes.

• Sensible non-excessive spaces
• Fosters community integration
• Contribute to new economies
• Affordable rents


A mutual aid fund scheme providing short term personal loans. It is non-profit and doesn’t charge interest on loans. However, small management fees cover the lending licence, compliance with data protection law and admin costs. The aim is to be part of a transition to a more localised economy. See policies for eligibility.

• Short term personal loans at hand
• Small amounts reflect SixMix values
• No interest loans


SixMix promotes a healthy and positive attitudes for tenants. As a major source of wellbeing, everyone has the right to fresh, healthy economical food. The community space kitchen and cafe facilitates a number of activities around food. Events at the space also promote wellbeing, including social gatherings and entertainment, open to both tenants and locals.

• Checkpoint for staying well
• Healthy nourishment
• Community gatherings


The offer is flexible work spaces at fair rents. The Community space can also be adapted allowing tenants, their businesses and locals to work together. Work that is cooperative and built on democratic principles is most suited. Work and financial independence are encouraged through workshops, apprenticeships and training in a variety of skills.

• Work without having to travel
• Co-working aroundh others
• Avoid the perils of seclusion
• Involve locals


Six Mix is the result of our tried and tested pilot projects and our combined experience over many years. Our vision is to to create new attitudes and preferences for small footprint living that makes a difference to people and makes an impact on our environment.

Further information

• Social ethics – inherent qualities of the SixMix model
• FAQ 


As a non-profit organisation, part of our mission is to spread the word help others adopt SixMix as a replicable model. We provide consultancy to other property developers of small footprint urban builds, nationally and beyond, with our globally viable option.